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Since we first arrived on the planet, we’ve been telling each other stories, whether of that morning’s great saber-toothed tiger hunt or the latest installment of the Star Wars  saga. And throughout our history, despite differences of geography or culture, we’ve been telling those stories in essentially the same way.



Because there is a RIGHT way to tell a story, one built into our very DNA.


In his seminal work Poetics, Aristotle identified the patterns and recurring elements that existed in the successful dramas of his time as he explored precisely why we tell stories, what makes a good one, and how to best tell them.

In Classical Storytelling and Contemporary Screenwriting, Brian Price examines Aristotle’s conclusions in an entertaining and accessible way and then applies those guiding principles to the most modern of storytelling mediums, going from idea to story to structure to outline to final pages and beyond, covering every relevant screenwriting topic along the way.

The result is a fresh new approach to the craft of screenwriting—one that’s only been around a scant 2,500 years or so—ideal for students and aspiring screenwriters that want a comprehensive step-by-step guide to writing a successful screenplay the way the pros do it.

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"The insights in this volume could be provided only by an author like Brian Price, himself an experienced creator of narratives and a respected writing educator. In accessible language he explains why, millennia after his death, for contemporary dramatic writers Aristotle is more relevant than ever. Here is no pie-in-the-sky philosophical preaching but a hands-on guide to buttress storytelling craft for writers both new and experienced."

RICHARD WALTER, Associate Dean

UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television

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